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How To Download Pubg Mobile Version 2.1 

How to Download Pubg mobile 2.1 New version that is 2.1 which will be coming soon. We have the downloading link for the apk file which you can install later to update your Game. The installation details are given below check them out if you don’t know how to properly install update Step By Step.
  • If You Want To Download Pubg Mobile Official 2.1 Version Then Follow These Steps.
  • But First Of All Make sure you’re Internet Connection is Fast and Stable my Recommendation is Connect to Wifi.
  • Most important Uninstall Your Previous Version of Pubg mobile the one Which you have right now In You Device.
  • Click on The Link Given Below and wait for few Secs for it to start to Download.
  • Then You Will Be Redirected To An Download Page.
  • Click On Download Button Your Pubg Mobile Apk Will Get Start Downloading.


A new over-the-shoulder combat option has been introduced as well which can be toggled in System Settings. The M249 has been optimised with the increase in recoil, and revamp skin. New magazine and stock attachments have been added as well.

There is a new social feature added as well in which players will be able to access Friend Moments from Personal Space and share status. Other add-ons include- security improvements, royal pass season 22 that kicks on May 17, basic performance improvements, etc.

The latest PUBG Mobile 1.6 patch update carries a file size of 660 MB for Android, and around 1.67GB for iOS. To download the new patch, open the respective Play Store or App Store, search for PUBG Mobile, and then tap on the Update button. For those trying to download the update using the APK file here’s how you can do it.

Download the APK file and then enable the ‘Install from Unknown Source’ option on your device. Locate the APK file on your device and then tap on the Install option.

Once the installation process is complete, you will be asked to choose either of the two resource packs- Low-spec Resource Pack or HD Resource Pack. Following this, click on the ‘Guest’ option once the in-game patches are complete. A dialog box will appear, where you will be asked to enter the Invitation Code. Fill in the details and then hit the ‘OK’ button.

How To Download 2.1 Update in PUBG Mobile

  1. Once Your Download Is Complete.
  2. First Uninstall Your Old Pubg Mobile And Then Install the New Pubg Mobile Apk file wait for few secs and when Installing is over, tap Done Don’t Open It Now.
  3. Now You Have To Connect any vpn To Update In game files Such As Resource Pack Etc.
  4. After All In game files Are downloaded And Your Pubg Mobile Is Successful Opened then disconnect Your vpn.
  5. And Then start pubg without vpn.
  6. Now You Can Start The Game Play With Your Friends.
  7. Watch The Below Video To See How To Do All These Process.

How To Download Pubg 2.1

When can PUBG Mobile players around the world expect the 2.1 update to release?

It has been seen throughout the span of four years that the developers try and introduce new updates around an interval of eight weeks. This highlights the fact that the next major update could arrive in the game in March, two months after the introduction of the major 2.1 update, which witnessed the game's collaboration with popular franchises like Marvel's Spider-Man and anime series Jujutsu Kaisen.

Following the norm of releasing the update along with the introduction of a new season and the conclusion of a Royale Pass month, the developers can release the2.1 update between March 15 and March 20. Since the C2S4 Month 8 Royale Pass is scheduled to conclude on March 17, Krafton can release the update during that time.

Expected features of the upcoming 2,.1 update in PUBG Mobile

Every new update in the game brings in several new features, items, maps, skins, rewards, and a lot more. The 2.1 update, too, is scheduled to introduce several features, according to leaks given by popular YouTubers and content creators. Here's a look at the expected features:

  • Weapon Throw feature
  • Emergency Pickup
  • Self Revive Kit
  • ATV vehicle
  • Bicycle
  • Lynx AMR sniper rifle
  • Anniversary Mode
  • C2S5 Month 9 Royale Pass

The upcoming 2.1 update in PUBG Mobile will create a buzz when it releases next month, and all these expected features will only add to the hype. Players and fans can only wait for now and enjoy playing the current season.