How to Download Termux App || Termux APK Pro Download


How to Download Termux App on Windows PC and Mac

How to Download Termux App on Windows PC and Mac

Termux app is an Android application that provides a Linux and terminal emulator environment in an Android device. It works for both rooted and unrooted Android devices. It is one of the most important applications for running Linux commands on an Android platform.

However, there is no direct Termux application for Windows or Mac devices. This is because the app is primarily intended to be operated on an Android platform. To run it on the two platforms, one requires to install an Android emulator (player) on your Windows or Mac PC. The following is a detailed procedure on how to install and run the Termux app on Mac or Windows.

Termux APK Pro Download

Termux APK Pro Download

Termux has a powerful emulation station with a comprehensive Linux package.

Enjoy the Rowan and Ash Zone by Gadasha.
Edit files with Nano and VIM.
Server access to server via SSH.
Develop C with Clank, Create and GDB.
Use Pocket Python as your computer’s keyboard.
Evaluate projects with It Git and Subversion.
Start with Pong Frot.

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Termux Update Version Apk – No Checkpoint Problem

Call the TermaX Tasker program.

Termux: Extending tasks provides an easy way to connect to executable files that can run Tasker and compatible applications.

1. Create a new Tasker action.
2. Under Action Options, select the Settings dialog box.
3. In the dialog box that appears, select Termux: Settings.
1. Install the executable specified in the .termux program and reset it (either by default or in a new session).
To access API devices from the command line:

Termax: Plug-in API allows use of command line API:
Read and send SMS messages from the terminal.
In writing, access your device’s GPS sensor position.
Move text command output to the main language
Shake this device when something interesting happens.
Access to the writing system section.

Other – Apart from Termax, which allows you to use the launcher.

The TermaX plug-in provides the ability to run the loader immediately after the device starts.

How To Use Termux

Start Termux by clicking on the start icon and launching the application. This will allow you to run the startup

After installation, one can add several features by means of the following add-ons;

• Termux: API- this add-on exposes the functionality of the device as API to commands, programs or scripts.
• Termux: boot- this addon normally runs scripts when the device boot
• Termux: float- enables the user to run Termux on a floating window overlaying other apps
• Termux: styling- this addon is useful when it comes to customization of Termux. It contains different colors and fonts enabling one to tweak the appearance to fit their preference
• Termux: task – enables the user to run scripts from tasker
• Termux widget. It provides a means of running small scripts on the home screen

All these add-ons are available on Google play store and from the earlier mentioned websites. Detailed explanation on how to install and use the add-ons can be found at

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Termux APK Pro Download

Termux APK Download

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There are two ways through which one can install the Termux app on the BlueStacks;
a. Using the Google play store available on BlueStacks
b. Directly installing Termux from an apk file pre-downloaded on the PC.

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  1. Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment application that works directly without any routing or setup required.


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