How to Become Auto Admin on Any Whatsapp Group

How to Become Auto Admin on Any Whatsapp Group

Let’s come to the point without wasting any time.

Here are the 3 ways, i found for hacking any whatsapp group.

  1. Steal the group by social engineering…
  2. Hack Admin account and grab the group…
  3. My Attack…

1ST STEP: Download Kiwi Browser [ Click Here ]

Steal the group by social engineering :-

Since most of users are Beware of social engineering… etc so you can’t target everyone, thus it is not possible to target any group and capture. ☹ ☹

Hack the admin and hack the group :-

The Bullshit ….. As you know hacking individuals is quite difficult, especially if the one has a little knowledge about techs.

My Attack :-

As many of you know that if any group has no Admin or moderator whatsapp says, “ This group needs an admin. ”

And if you are member of that group you can claim yourself as an admin.

I thought, Can i create a situation at which the group has no admin or moderator? And i said yes i can… i can create this situation by disabling all the admins and moderators accounts simultaneously.

Hmmmmmm, There are several steps to do that (Disabling some facebook accounts simultaneously) , But I’m not going to explain it here !

I wanted to go further and i created a new test group, added some members to it including my personal account as a member and i disabled the account (which was admin of the group), i entered the group with my personal account and i saw that facebook is saying that this group needs an admin….

So one thing i confirmed that they have made it in such a way that if a group has not any admin available (no matter if it has admin but his/her account is in temporary disable state), it will be available for new admin claim….

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How To Become Admin Of Any Facebook Group 

Claim Without Admin Facebook Groups

I just claimed myself as an admin…….

Since a disable account can be recovered by submitting goverment proof, i recovered my disabled account that was previous admin but wtf i saw there, my previous admin account (Group creator and previous admin) was not acting as an admin anymore to the group after my account recovery, This gave a conclusion to me that using this attack i can target any group… i didn’t stop, i targeted a 1.3 million members group which had 4 admin and one moderator only, i disabled all 5 accounts simultaneously and took that group. One of the admin of that group recovered his account but he found himself no more admin…. he came to me (as i was the new admin of his group) and started begging… i returned back his group and then i thought i should report this issue to facebook.

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Claim Without Admin whatsapp Groups

To make yourself an admin of a group:
  1. From your computer, open the Admin Panel .
  2. Click Groups and search for the group you want to be an admin of.
  3. Click  next to the group and select Make Me Admin or Join as Admin.
Note: Analysts or account managers can't make themselves an admin of a group.